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We’re Roatan Land And Homes

We’re owned by an island family who’s been helping visitors buy and sell real estate in Roatan since 1991.

We are the oldest and most trusted Real Estate Firm on the island.

Year after year, we continually rank as the best, most productive real estate firm on Roatan.

We work very hard to ensure there are “NO SURPRISES“ for our clients. We believe that an informed client quickly becomes a happy client, and since 1991, we have added more happy clients than any other Real Estate Broker on the island.

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We Were Born On The Island

No one knows the island and its people better than us. We know how to make deals that others can't.


Avoid Paying Tourist Pricing

We are the Oldest, Most Trusted Real Estate firm on the island. We know the true value of a property.


We Have Insider Knowledge

On unlisted properties, local networking, local government, alliances & more.

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

We spent 3+ years looking for the perfect property. We wanted every check box on our wishlist to be checked. These people have an incredible amount of patience to put up with us for that long.

Instead of trying to force-fit something that wasn't right for us, they utilized their knowledge of the local people and the island to find us our perfect fit. In fact, they talked us out of several properties that we thought we should buy, that they felt weren't right for us, or were overpriced.

They certainly weren't shy to express their concerns. I was pretty annoyed at the time, but now I'm thankful that they were pretty darn persistent and refused to let us make a bad deal or pay "tourist pricing."

The property we purchased wasn't listed anywhere. Marco & Mike found a property owner that had what we wanted, and they convinced him to sell us the property.

I guess this is where having an islander instead of an ex-pat as your real estate agent paid off, and that's precisely why we chose these people.
by Louise & Bruce C.
USA, Purchased Beachfront Land Gibson Bight
We have known and worked with the owners for over 20 years.

Our relationship spans from friendship to business and back. When you want the true facts on a piece of property or the local investment climate these are the people you want to work with.

All our dealings have been smooth, satisfying, and successful even adjusting for island time.
by Cindy & Bill S.
USA, Repeat client buying and selling land near West End.
We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Roatan Land and Homes since 2016. With their assistance, we successfully bought and sold a home, and bought a lot to build our dream island home.

Each member of the team, Marco, Mike, and Delzie played an important part in ensuring we made the right property choice for our lifestyle and that paperwork and legal matters were completed smoothly. They also connected us to high-quality builders and tradespeople for our home build and managed our project from concept to completion.

I cannot say enough about their integrity, they really take care of you as their client and are very patient with explaining everything you need to know about purchasing on Roatan.

We have worked with numerous real estate professionals in Canada and have never had such a positive experience as we did working with Roatan Land and Homes, they truly go above and beyond in every way. We highly recommend them!
by Allison & Jason Schubert
Canada, Repeat Client Since 2016. Purchased & Sold Properties
Thank you for helping me find good land values on your beautiful island of Roatan for the past 16 years. All my 26 purchases & sales were from your contacts with local people you know. Not even one was listed with the island MLS real estate group.

Your having grown up on Roatan means that the sellers trust you. They bring their documents and ask you to find a buyer. You guys are the only real estate salespeople who will allow both the Buyer & Seller to talk with each other before you draw up a contract for closing.

You have a big plus in finding many new buyers from people renting your cars, jeeps & apartments. You guys have introduced us to dozens of your American & Canadian customers that all seem to be pleased w/your services. We all enjoy your coffee, lunches, cookouts, fishing trips & island tours. You also have shared your contacts with getting our permits, paying our taxes, Bank officers, political leaders, and keeping us safe & out of trouble.

Your advice & knowledge of the Island & helping us understand local customs are of great value. Anyone considering investing in the Island should consider Roatan Land and Homes. You will receive MUCH MORE than just a real estate representative. You can count on more knowledge that you can trust, good friends & good times.
by Bill O
USA, Purchased & Sold 26+ Properties Since 2005

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No Surprises Means:

We work hard to ensure you completely understand the process (buying or selling) and we offer our opinions, recommendations, and suggestions on how to maximize your benefit in working with us.

Sometimes this means that we talk a buyer out of considering a property because they’re not seeing the complete picture.

Sometimes this means we don’t provide  a falsely high valuation number that a seller wants to hear.


In every case it means:

  •  You’ll know exactly what to expect from us in advance.
  •  We’ll continue to sleep well at night knowing we’re doing the very best we can do for our clients.
  •  Our impeccable reputation that originated back in 1991 is not in danger over making a quick buck!