Our goal is to help ensure that your Roatan Real Estate transaction is as trouble-free as possible and that you completely understand each step, commitment that is required along the way.

We work very hard to ensure there are “NO SURPRISES“ for our clients. We believe that an informed client quickly becomes a happy client, and since 1991,  we have added more happy clients than any other Real Estate Broker on the island.

Although we don’t give legal advice, we do have long-term working relationships with all the very best legal firms on the island that do and based on your precise needs; we’re happy to recommend one to you. Before you make any commitments to anyone, we’d like to outline the (most commonly asked) top considerations facing Foreign Investors. 

Seller’s Closing Costs:

The Seller is obligated to pay Capital Gains Tax (currently 4%) on the increase of value of the property from the time you purchased it to the time of sale to the Honduran Government.

In addition, the seller is required to pay the Real Estate Sales Commission. This covers both the Buyer’s Agent and the Seller’s Agent.


Every Real Estate Firm claims they’re the best, that they can sell your property fast, and that they can get you the most money BUT …

The Facts are:

We are the oldest, most trusted firm on the island today, and every year since 1991, we rank as the top performer when you measure results.

No other Real Estate Broker on the island can make that statement. Other firms may claim they sell more than us, but they refer to international sales, NOT JUST ROATAN.

Other firms even claim they have more experience than us, but they’re just playing games with numbers.

Many properties end up sitting “on the market” for extended periods of time, in fact, a lot longer than they should.Many

If you analyze the results of these poor performing properties, you’ll see the common denominator is often the Real Estate Firm handling the listing.

The reason these properties sit on the market is that many firms believe that just listing a property on the MLS system is all that needs to be done in order to market that property. This mentality originated in the US, the very same place where many of these firms came to the island from.

We believe these firms are just lazy and their unwillingness to invest in any type REAL marketing ends up costing you (the seller) both time and money.




We Use Effective Property Marketing

We market your property the way that the overwhelming majority of potential buyers are most likely to pay attention to it, utilizing the very latest state-of-the-art digital technologies. And while we’re not going to tell you all our secrets (our competitors do regularly visit our website), we will give you an overview.

Our Website:

If you search the web, you’ll see that we make the first page of Google pretty much all the time and have been there since we started.

You’ll also notice that we DO NOT include all the Roatan MLS Listings on our website; instead we focus on promoting ONLY our own listings. This gives your property an enormous advantage.

We look to find the hidden value in every property and market that unique value.

Yes, we do collect opted-in names for our email list, BUT we offer the ability to unsubscribe  easily, AND this is a secondary marketing tactic for us. We don’t rely on it to generate spectacular results.

Google Advertising & Promotions

We’re Experts At Google Ads & Promotions. 

We know how to find people that are interested in buying property at this exact moment in time, how to get in front of them when they are thinking about it, and how to convert their interest into actions.

The proof is that we’ve been here the longest, we are the most trusted, and we are always at the top of the list of performers for Roatan Real Estate since 1991.

Our Office Location

Our Office

We’re strategically located on the main road in West End, the very Heart of Roatan, the business hub, and the most visited area on the island by tourists. No one else can claim a location as strategic as ours is.

Our windows feature ONLY our client’s listings.

We invest 100% of our money marketing our client’s listings.

Alliances, Partners & Networking

born, raised, and living a lifetime on the island means we’ve established many marketing alliances with resorts, attractions, taxi drivers, etc.

Ask anyone, and you’ll find more people who know us by name than any of the others.

This networking means we attract more people to our listings, increasing the probability of selling your property faster.


Candid & Accurate Feedback

We carefully listen to every potential buyer’s comments regarding your property and relay this feedback back to you.

We constantly make recommendations that we believe will help sell your property, and we’re not too bashful to deliver bad news when necessary.

Optimized Pricing

No one has been on the island longer than we have.

We know all the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and unique characteristics of every neighborhood. We know what current market conditions will yield for pricing, and we’ll make realistic recommendations that will sell your property.

We won’t quote an optimistically high selling price that sounds really good just to rope you in, only to find that no one is willing to pay that high price.

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No Surprises Means:

We work hard to ensure you completely understand the process (buying or selling) and we offer our opinions, recommendations, and suggestions on how to maximize your benefit in working with us.

Sometimes this means that we talk a buyer out of considering a property because they’re not seeing the complete picture.

Sometimes this means we don’t provide  a falsely high valuation number that a seller wants to hear.


In every case it means:

  •  You’ll know exactly what to expect from us in advance.
  •  We’ll continue to sleep well at night knowing we’re doing the very best we can do for our clients.
  •  Our impeccable reputation that originated back in 1991 is not in danger over making a quick buck!

The Biggest Mistake Seller's Make

Too Many People Focus On The Number Of Showings To Rate The Effectiveness Of A Realtor.

Having Lots Of Showings Typically Indicates A Poor Qualification Process For That Realtor.

Instead, we ensure that every potential is well-screened / qualified prior to wasting your time or ours.

Showings Are Worthless, Sales Matter

Want To Sell Your Property?