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“We work very hard to ensure there are NO SURPRISES for our clients. Our belief is that an informed client quickly becomes a happy client, and since 1991, we have added more happy clients than any other Real Estate Broker on the island.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should allow us to help you with your Roatan Real Estate Transaction.

  • We are the Oldest, Most Trusted Real Estate Firm on the island.

  • Year after year, we continually rank among the very best Real Estate Firms on the island.

  • We have more “Roatan” Real Estate experience than any other firm.

  • We’ll help you avoid paying “Tourist” pricing / fees.

  • We provide State-Of-The-Art, Effective Marketing.

  • We serve the entire island of Roatan

  • We provide Candid, Accurate Feedback as needed.

  • Being an island family helps give us unmatched Insider Knowledge” on :

    • Additional properties not listed on the MLS.

    • Networking with other local families.

    • Happenings within the Roatan government.

    • Negotiating A Deal ” with other Island Families

    • The culture within any community on the island.

    • Alliances – including attorneys, custom home builders, property managers & more.

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About Us

Roatan Land & Homes

Our Real Estate office is strategically located on the main street in West End, the most vibrant community on the island. This area gets the most foot traffic on the island. 

We are owned by an island family who’s been helping visitors buy and sell real estate in Roatan since 1991.

In fact, we are the oldest and most trusted real firm on the island and year after year we continually rank with the very best, most productive real estate firms on the island.

Our Leadership Team


Partner & Networking Guru


Marco has been a real estate broker in Roatan since 1991.  He has tremendous knowledge of the island, the sea, land ownership, new construction, and how to get things done in Roatan.  Marco prides himself on the friendships that he makes with customers, and many of his customers continue to invest and sell through Marco.

Marco knows how to find good deals for buyers and is not afraid to approach owners of unlisted property to find a good deal in a good location for a buyer.  Marco is a serious fisherman and has won the Roatan International Fishing Tournament several times.  Marco and his wife have raised two children on the island.  Their daughter Mandy is an attorney in Florida and their son Chris owns a water purification company in Roatan.


Partner & Resident Gringo



Mike has lived in Roatan since 2012, and previously worked as a real estate broker in Wisconsin and Michigan where he brokered over 2400 transactions.  Mike has extensive experience working with buyers, sellers, and negotiating good contracts.  After “retiring” in Roatan, Mike found that he missed real estate and partnered with Marco.

Mike is the President of the Keyhole Bay Homeowners Association in West Bay, President of The Rotary Club of Roatan, and owner of Pies Bonitos in West Bay.  Mike and his wife raised their daughter Jackie, who completed her last three years of High School in Roatan.  Today, Jackie is a student at Baylor University in Texas.  When Mike is not working, you will find him golfing at The Black Pearl.


The Woman Who Knows …



Delzie is a life-long, island native. She is the glue that holds our office together and keeps us focused and on target. The sign in her office very accurately explains her position within our firm. Her sign reads “Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what’s going on”.

In addition to being very well known on the island, Delzie served a term as Assistant Mayor of Roatan and therefore has tremendous experience and know-how in how best to get things done within the Roatan Government.

She and her family have raised two children on Roatan. In her free time Delzie enjoys fishing, boating, and catching up with old friends on the island.

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