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Caribbean Homes For Sale

Roatan Real Estate For Sale

Caribbean Homes For Sale

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Consider Roatan Island in the Western Caribbean.  Located just 100 miles from Belize and 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras.  Roatan is served by an international airport with service provided by United, Delta, and American Airlines.

Caribbean Homes For Sale

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Roatan forms part of the Bay Islands of Honduras, a Caribbean archipelago located from 20 to 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras. There are three major islands, Roatan, Guanaja and Utila, two smaller islands Helene and Barbareta-which are located off the east end of Roatan– and 70 smaller cays and atolls. The Cayos Cochinos or Hog Islands also form part of the Bay Islands, but are located closer to the Honduran mainland.
The islands are surrounded by a spectacular barrier reef and warm waters, and have long been an international scuba diving destination.  The fringing reef formation creates calm lagoons between the coastline and the reef crest for shallow diving and snorkeling, as well as wall diving and deep diving outside the reef wall.
Roatan, the largest island, is about 25 miles long and three miles across at its widest. A mountain ridge runs through the center of the island with the tallest peak rising about 800 feet. The rolling hills, covered by lush foliage, offer spectacular ocean vistas and are the perfect place to build a new home with plenty of decks where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

The climate on Roatan is tropical and typically hot and humid, but a constant sea breeze keeps the temperature between a comfortable 70° to 90°F with an average relative humidity of about 75%. The average yearly temperature is 82°F. The rainiest months are October through January with a yearly average rainfall of 87 inches.  Although it rains an average 112 days a year on Roatan, the rain generally only lasts a couple of hours. Statistically only one hurricane hits the island every 26 years.